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Fast Growing Vegetables for a Fall Harvest

Fall brings brisk mornings and a beautifully colored landscape signaling the transition from the hot summer months to cooler temperatures. But just because summer is ending doesn't mean your gardening has to. Fall offers an excellent window for planting a variety of vegetables, many of which are rapid growers that can provide a quick harvest before winter sets in.

For those wanting to maximize their fall harvest, let's dive into the fastest-growing vegetables for an autumn garden.

Why Plant Vegetables in the Fall?

Before we dive into our picks for fall gardening, let's talk about the benefits:

  • Cooler Weather: Many vegetables prefer cooler temperatures and will naturally thrive.
  • Fewer Pests: The decreasing temperatures mean fewer pests and diseases to worry about.
  • Longer Harvest: With the proper selection, you can continue harvesting fresh produce well into the winter months.
  • Save Money: For every $10 spent on seeds for the fall, you’ll save an average of $100 at the grocery and as much as $300 in organic produce. 

Our Picks for Fall

  • Radishes:

    • Time to Harvest: 20-30 days.
    • Recommendation: French Breakfast or Purple Plum Radishes
    • Perfect for adding a crisp bite to your salads, radishes are the go-to for quick growth. They come in various colors, from red to white and even purple.
  • Spinach:

    • Time to Harvest: 4-6 weeks.
    • This nutrient-packed green loves the cooler temperatures fall provides. Ensure the soil remains moist for optimal growth.
  • Lettuce:

    • Time to Harvest: 30-45 days.
    • Another cool-weather crop, lettuce can offer fresh salads long after summer has ended.
  • Kale:

    • Time to Harvest: 40-55 days.
    • Beyond its popularity in smoothies and salads, kale becomes sweeter after the first frost.
  • Beets: (We love Bulls Blood Beets)

    • Time to Harvest: 40-50 days.
    • With a more sweet taste, these greens add great flavor to dishes and are an excellent juicing option. They grow quickly and can be harvested in just over a month.
  • Turnips:

    • Time to Harvest: 30-60 days.
    • Both the root and the greens of turnips are edible. They can be roasted, mashed, or used in stews.
  • Arugula:

    • Time to Harvest: 20-40 days.
    • This peppery green is perfect for salads and sandwiches, growing quickly in the cool fall climate.
  • Carrots:

    • Time to Harvest: 60-70 days
    • The Scarlet Nantes Carrot will grow to about 6-8 inches in length. In addition, this heirloom variety is well-flavored and packed with healthy vitamins.

Make Fall Vegetable Gardening a Success

  • Soil Preparation: Refresh the soil with compost or a balanced fertilizer to replenish nutrients.
  • Watering: While fall may bring more rainfall, ensure your vegetables get consistent water, especially during dry spells.
  • Protection: As temperatures drop, consider using frost covers or cold frames to protect your plants from frost.
  • Regular Harvest: Many of these fast-growing vegetables can be harvested continually. Regular picking often encourages more growth.

Don't hang up your gardening gloves just because summer is over. You can enjoy fresh produce long into the chilly months with the right selection of fast-growing vegetables. Fall vegetable gardening offers the joy of cultivation and the pleasure of a bountiful harvest. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, make the most of this fall with a garden full of fast-growing fall veggies.

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