Fall Planting: Herbs (Perennial vs. Annual Herbs)

Fall Planting: Herbs (Perennial vs. Annual Herbs)

Posted by Amber Jouben on Sep 16th 2021

Fall is the perfect time to add herbs to your home garden!

Herbs often get overlooked--especially during fall planting season. The cooler, crisp days of fall offer the perfect chance for many herbs to take root and establish their territory before winter lulls them to sleep. There are even a few herbs that will continue to provide fresh harvests all winter long!

Here is a list of herbs to plant this fall!

Planting Herbs in Fall

Fall weather offers the perfect growing conditions for many herbs. The cool autumn days allow herbs to get a jump start without being stressed by intense heat of summer.

Perennial Herbs

Perennial herbs are will come back year after year. Perennial herbs go dormant in the cold of winter and then spring back to life in early spring. There are even a few perennial herbs that will continue to provide fresh herbs all winter long in milder grow zones!

Why plant perennial herbs in the Fall instead of Spring? Fall planting of perennial herbs allows enough time for the herb’s root system to become established before winter arrives. During winter, the plant can be cut back and covered with mulch. Then, when next spring arrives, the newly established herbs bounce back to life and will have a head start on the growing season. Perennial herbs can also be planted in spring but often their roots will struggle to become established before the hot weather begins to stress the plant. This is especially true in warmer grow zones where spring weather can turn hot quickly.

Tip when planting perennials: Choose a place in the garden where your perennial herbs can live for years to come. Choose a spot that allows plenty of grow space, as many herbs grow very large and will self-seed and spread very quickly.

Perennial herbs to plant this fall:


Greek Oregano


Winter Savory




Annual Herbs

Annual herbs will only grow for one season. Annuals will die out once the frost or freeze set in. Many Annuals will thrive in fall weather conditions. These herbs can be planted in early spring and harvested from and then again as a second crop after spring annual herbs begin to die out. Two benefits of growing these annual herbs in fall are increased flavor in cool weather and a plant that will be slower to bolt (go to seed). Even if these annuals do not come back next year, these one hit wonders will be giving you lots of fresh herbs this fall, making them well worth the effort.

Annual Herbs for Fall Planting:








Herbs can also be grown year-round indoors. Pinching fresh herbs from a pot in the window sill on a cold winter day to add to warm bowl of soup is always a welcome treat. A small window herb garden can fill the kitchen with all the lovely aromas of the summer garden and give the resting gardener a small reminder of the joy of gardening even on a cool winter night.

One last tip…herbs can also be planted in pots and moved indoors when inclement weather arrives, extending your fresh harvest. With so many ways to grow herbs this fall, I hope that you will add herbs to your fall planting list this year!

Blessings of Bounty- Amber Jouben

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