10 Vegetables to Plant in September

10 Vegetables to Plant in September

Posted by Amber Jouben on Sep 10th 2021

Running a little behind on your fall garden plans? No worries! There are several seeds and transplants that you still have time to plant in September for a fall harvest. So, head on out to your garden, tear out your old summer garden leftovers and make way for your fall garden.

Better late than never, right?

Here are 10 crops that you still have time to plant in September for a fall garden harvest!

September Planting Guide

Fall gardening is here! It is not too late to get these ten plants started!

1. Kale

2. Spinach

3. Swiss Chard

4. Leafy Lettuces like Romaine or Iceberg

September is the perfect time to plant those leafy greens. Leafy Greens flourish in cool weather. Think you don’t like the flavor of some of these leafy Greens? Try them, you might like them! Leafy Greens grown in cooler weather retain their sugars and taste sweeter and crunchier! 

5. Carrots

6. Radishes

7. Beets

These root vegetables will grow wonderfully in cool weather and will also taste sweeter when grown in lower temperatures.

8. Peas (Snow Peas or English Peas)

We can’t forget about the sweetest of all the fall vegetables...Peas! Growing peas in fall is fun and rewarding. When planting peas, remember to always direct sow. Pea roots do not like being disturbed so transplanting is not the best option. Also, check the variety of Pea you choose to grow for trellising requirements. Not all Peas need to be trellised but most will need some form of support.

9. Onions

10. Garlic

Onion and Garlic are sown in fall and then over wintered. Over wintering means to simply leave the plants in the ground all winter and then once spring arrives these plants will awake from dormancy and begin to grow. Onions and Garlic will be sown in fall and then harvested the following summer.

With all these tasty vegetable options to plant in September, I hope you will find at least a few to plant this fall. You still have time to squeeze in a big harvest before winter arrives! So, get out there and give your old summer garden a fresh start with these lovely fall vegetables!

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